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Training Philosophy


The Granato Racing program focuses
on a mid-to-high weekly mileage (athlete and race goal specific, of course) foundation of tempo runs, speedwork and endurance training; all crucial elements for racing success at both shorter distances, and more importantly, the heralded marathon distance. Workout length and intensity are tailored to your fitness and ability level and goal race distance.

Quality trumps quantity in this program. Every workout has a purpose. Every time you step outside for a run, your paces are set out for you to execute.

The quality of workouts and races is paramount to transforming you into a legit, competitive RACER. This also means keeping a keen eye on pushing you when you need it and steering you away from some common pitfalls that can hinder optimal performance (like overtraining for example). Each week's workouts are varied, to keep your body guessing, keep fresh, break up the monotony and avoid getting stale.