Granato Racing Speed Work

19 April 2016


It happens all the time: runners get excited about running fast and then get out over their skis during speed work. Before they know it, they're super-manning off the back of the boat clutching the tow rope and crashing down belly-first into the water.  If you go too fast during most any type of speed work, you put yourself in a position for injury, sickness or worse yet burn yourself out so you're stale for race day. Run slower during speedwork? Counterintuitive, right? Nope. Though workout speeds vary, running too fast when your body isn't prepared for the paces usually ends up badly.  Especially, if you do it on little rest, too many miles, too close together or too many weeks in a row. It will catch up to you eventually and can sideline you for a LONG time with injuries you'll have a hard time trying to comprehend. Now that you're sufficiently scared (wink, wink), having respect for the speed work doesn't mean you don't have to work hard or push the line of capability.  It just means you have to be smart about it.  Pick your spots to push the pace. Make sure your fitness and mileage is where it needs to be before going for it. Don't let faster runners  determine your workout pace.  And by all means, baby yourself when you need to and pull on the reigns when the body isn't feelin' it.   As long as you're in the ballpark of your desired splits, you're getting the benefit of the workout.