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Coach’s Corner


Why coach Kevin?

For all ages and talent levels, weekend warriors to elites, having a great coach will push you to the limits of your potential. They teach you new things. Lay out the plan. Lead you when you have questions. Know the exact buttons to push. Reinforce the positives and avoid the mistakes.

But most of all: they ease your mind by knowing you’re on the right path.

You’ll get all that guidance and assurance when you train with Coach Granato and the Granato Racing team. It’s the combination of experienced Xs and Os and the x-factor-coaching that makes a big impact come race day. The mixture of knowledge and intuition brings your training into focus and leaves the planning and worrying up to coach.

If you’d like more information on coaching and costs, please jot me an email here:

Jeff Purdom

Granato Racers lovingly call him their ‘speed coach’ as Jeff is Granato Racing’s 5k through half marathon specialist. Coach Purdom joined Granato Racing last year and has made a heavy impact on the racers training for the short stuff. He’s smart, experienced, and friendly. He’s also got the coaching chops to make sure runners stay on track to succeed. Don’t let his easygoing demeanor fool you, though. He’s a cheetah when he hits the road and track. You probably don’t want to get into a foot race with him. He’s got a hella long stride and an even faster mustache.


Virtual Coaching beyond Virtual.

Though the hub of Granato Racing is in Chicago, coaching can travel over any wire. Granato Racing is on call. I'm available via email, text, skype, twitter, instagram and phone. Heck, you can send smoke signals to get a hold of me. Baltimore to Bermuda, Kurdistan to Qatar, Granato Racers are training from the far corners of the earth.